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Value Proposition

It would not be out of place to mention here that the sun has been advertised in the open for many years now. Before we delve deeper into issue, let us try to mention a few compelling reasons in support of using solar powered advertising. These mainly include the following few.

Conventional fossil fuel based power is not available in a full measure for meeting the basic needs.

Conventional power used for advertising in a large measure drains the already limited supply of power.

Metal Halides used for illumination consume huge amount of power per square feet of area to be illuminated.

There may be a public appreciation to look at such glowing sign-ages, hoardings, billboards, but a section of public opinion is surely against use of grid/electrical power for such purposes. Solar power is a clean source of power and works in a silent mode and LED(light emitting diode) consumes 60-80% less power without slicing any share of the power that may have been intended for any community use.

Solar-powered advertising can well be taken care of by the elite corporate entities, keeping in view its high initial capital cost.

Solar offers immense environmental gain as against the conventional power.

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    Solar /LED Lighting System

    Metal Halide Lighting system


    LED Luminaire Efficiency is greater than 80lm/W

    Metal Halide Luminaire Efficiency is around 60lm/W


    LED Luminaire lifetime is more than 50000 hours

    Metal halides Luminaire lifetime is around 10000 hours


    No Electricity Required for maximum time of year (around 310 sunny days)

    High Cost electricity required (around Rs. 23/Unit)


    LED consumes 60% less power compared to same brightness Metal Halide

    Metal Halide consumes large amount of power


    LEDs does not go off due to fluctuating and low voltage power supply

    Metal Halide flicker and need frequent replacement due voltage fluctuations and low voltage power supply


    Does not contain mercury and other toxic compounds. Hence eco-friendly at disposal

    Contain mercury which causes  sensory impairment (vision, hearing, speech), disturbed sensation and a lack of coordination


    Does not emit ultraviolet light

    Emit glaring ultravoilet light


    Does not have Choke

    Metal Halide choke consumes large amount of power and hence not efficient. Also needs frequent replacement due to Power Supply Quality issues such as low voltage


    Low maintenance and replacement cost due to power quality is controlled by standalone and dedicated Solar Power System

    High Maintenance and replacement cost due to low power system quality is dependent on Large Area distribution through MSEB


    Municipal Corporations and Government bodies are making mandatory Energy Conservation through Solar and LED

    Municipal Corporations and Government bodies are opposing the power supply to hoarding due to load shedding and green cause


    Easy approvals for new structures/sites from Municipal Corporations and government bodies as the Green and renewable energy is used

    Approvals for new structures/sites are delayed or at worst can be cancelled


    Green  Brand image building and differentiation

    No green and environmental benefit