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How we started

It was sunny and sweaty afternoon of May 2010, we had a chance encounter to delve on free and abundant sunlight to challenge of bringing sunny brightness during night without sweat! We drenched quite a lot with very warm discussion on conventional lighting technologies with veil of initial low cost verses higher operating energy and environmental costs. A big skepticism and hawkish stance was clearly visible while taking a side of new technologies which will help us overcome "sunlighting the night" challenge!

But as an enthusiast, we soaked the skepticism to allow some really cool breeze on some of the viable solutions to combine Solar Photovoltaics and LED lighting. That day, we let the sun tilt out of our favor. During the same night, we tried visualizing all the lights around us as clones of sun who are clamoring for fusing the light with surrounding elements and our perception! In days and nights to come, we realized that conventional systems are insufficient to light up the night without sweat and hence we encountered on planned start of our mission to innovate on LED lights and solar!

  • To make Solar Energy & Lighting affordable and devising adaptability to reach the masses.

  • To make Solar-LED combination lighting as an alternative to the conventional lighting and reach the customers in India fulfilling their expectations and requirements.
  • We strongly believe Innovative Lighting is not just introduction of new technology and medium to add visibility , moreover it's about unique confluence of perception to surrounding environment, expression of bio-physical response and beauty to enchant. We follow science of light and optics to co-create confluence. Our luminaires are designed to percept human comfort- which is eyes' scotopic, photopic and mesopic response to luminous flux emitted in specific solid angle by light sources.

Mitesh Phalak