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Plural Lights, Multiple Solutions

We make plurality works in favour of everyone and we are doing it by taking everything very "lightly", literally! Our Focus on Light Emitting Diode (LED) and Photovoltaic is evident of our " light heartedness".

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    Design and EPC

    Complete turnkey solution provider

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    Solutions customized to the need- load pattern, space availability and aesthetic requirement

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    Strong in-house team in all technical aspects-solar, electrical,civil structural,architectural as well as project co-ordination

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    Project Management

    Robust track record in implementing various project

What we do

Solar Photovoltaic

We can engineer solutions for your electricity needs employing solar PV systems optimizing space, power demand, structural loading and aesthetics. By adopting a pre-engineered approach we cut down the disturbance to your processes during retrofits.

LED lighting

We offer Low total cost of ownership and maintenance,Modern and modular design,Design and engineering inputs taken from practical field experience, Equal or better light quality compared to conventional lights, Option for various colour temperatures

Energy Efficiency

We provide the energy savings solutions at the system levels by keeping operating continuity, economical feasibility and sustainability at the forefront. Our solutions are designed to significantly reduce your baseline energy usage at faster ROI.

Capella Energy Solar LED
LED Streetlight Catlog

Our LED light has dual functions of a streetlight and floodlight with engineering and structural look in the user environment. The product is combination of modular, integrated, aesthetical and robust look and can be customized according to lighting needs.